Your success is our success

Weʼre designing the future of business with smart, autonomous payments that set your brand apart.

Our Story

Over the past 20 years, technology has transformed the world around us. In many ways, itʼs made business easier, enabling expansion to new markets and customer opportunities with limited investment required. But with it has come new risks, and ever-increasing customer expectations.

In 2016, we founded Limepay to make it easier for businesses to evolve, to grow the strength of their brand, improve their sales, increase their profit margins, and delight their customers. Weʼre focused on smart, simple, secure and, above all, human payments.

Our Mission

At Limepay, weʼre designing the future of payments. Weʼre focused on delivering a smart and secure payment platform that offers more flexibility than ever before and doesnʼt dilute your brand.

Weʼre driven to make business almost effortless. We see business owners and leaders differently. Theyʼre not just our customers, but our partners in creating a new world of sustainable commerce in which everyone can thrive. We build business on your terms and develop solutions that get out of the way so you can focus on your relationships with your customers.

Weʼre building a fully flexible payment platform.
Weʼre building a fully flexible payment platform.

Itʼs what drives us


We take peoplesʼ financial health seriously. We believe in flexibility in payments but offer support and guidance to build a more financially confident and secure society.


We donʼt innovate for the sake of it. Weʼre heads down on ways to streamline your sales and reporting so you can test and learn, focus your priorities, and innovate your business.


No man is an island, and no business is one either. We collaborate with creative and curious people, and partner with innovative companies to develop better business solutions.


As a society, we donʼt talk money. Individuals and businesses are left to figure it out on their own, and many stumble. We talk about money openly and honestly to drive financial empowerment across the world.


Thereʼs no fine print, no guess work and no reading between the lines. From fees to risks and everything in between, we stay honest and upfront so you can be confident youʼre making the right decision with Limepay.


Our team is passionate. About people, about business, about technology, about payments. Weʼre not afraid to challenge the status quo in pursuit of flexible, streamlined and empathetic tools that support your business.

Letʼs build your business together