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Let customers pay how they want to to increase conversion and loyalty.
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Your brand, from order to fulfilment.

Itʼs your brand that matters. We integrate in the backend so that your brand shines through.
So how does it work?



They only see your brand beside a full suite of payment options at checkout.



You receive full payment up-front, minus fees, no matter how the customer pays.



Our dashboard shares a range of data to help you optimise your sales and marketing.

Local business, global sales

More payment options

Everyone has their preferred card, and what people like here in Australia isnʼt necessarily their preference overseas. We offer a full suite of payment options for your customers so they can pay the way they want to.

More currencies

Optimise sales by doing the hard work for your customers. By selling in 135+ local currencies, your customers can make informed decisions about value for money and forget about currency conversion.


Sometimes customers canʼt meet the full purchase price upfront, so instalments come in handy. With Limepay, your customers can split the cost of their purchases across equal instalments, without a third-party account. You still receive full payment up-front while we manage the risk.



Your customer chooses instalments, and we confirm their details with an email and text.



We check their risk exposure across our partner businesses before offering credit with their choice of deposit.



Their first payment of 25% or more is processed right away. The rest is split over 3 equal, fortnightly payments.

Responsible credit

Our instalment decisions are by customer, not card number, so we can keep your customers from spreading themselves too thin. Itʼs not only the right thing to do for your customers, itʼs the right thing for your business.

Empowering customers

Split payments

Some customers keep their credit limits low to manage their exposure to risk. Those credit limits donʼt always accommodate the larger purchases they need to make. So, at checkout, they can choose to split a payment between two cards (debit or credit) in their name.



Your customer enters the details of their first card, or we draw it from tokens.



They enter the details of their second card. Cardholder names must match.



You receive the full purchase amount, minus fees, right away.

Easy installation

Just copy and paste some JavaScript or add a plug-in to your ecommerce platform to get set up and live in minutes.

Thereʼs more to Limepay

Consolidated data

One dashboard for all your sales, customer and payment data.


Seamless instalments at point of sale with your existing terminal.

Customer accounts

Clear customer accounts, all on your site.


World-class security and encryption. Certified worldwide.

Clear pricing

No monthly fees or lock-in contracts. Get in touch for customised pricing.

Letʼs build your business together