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Credit matters

Customers today are reliant on the flexibility of credit and instalments to make bigger purchases or keep their budgets on track. If youʼre not offering instalments, you could be missing out on valuable sales.

Unfortunately, those who need credit most are often those who least know how to use it. Too quickly, they can find themselves in a debt spiral, unable to get out.

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But itʼs a problem

Personal debt is an ongoing problem in Australia. That means more money to late fees and interest, and less to purchases. Bad credit experiences can also be emotionally linked to a brand, even if itʼs offered through a third party and caused by no fault of the business

That means reduced loyalty, reduced spending and sometimes (unfairly) unfavourable word of mouth between friends.

Thatʼs why we developed responsible credit

Flexible credit

Customers choose an initial payment amount of 25% or more, and they can pay instalments early, reducing their exposure to risk.

Credit by customer

Instalment plans are by customer, not by card number or account. There are no loopholes customers can take advantage of to get themselves in trouble.

Quick check-ins

When creating a new instalment plan we remind customers whatʼs already on their plate so they can make an informed, guess work-free decision.


Thereʼs no fine print and no guess work. We lay out the facts upfront so your customers understand exactly what happens if things go wrong.


Debt is scary. When a customer is late with a payment, they need understanding and support, not threats, so we keep all interactions human.


Weʼre developing references, tips and tools to empower your customers when it comes to handling their own credit and financial matters.

Building a financially confident society

We believe that developing a strong, financially confident society naturally leads to improved customer experiences and loyalty, growth in sales, and more consistent sales. Providing these opportunities shows your customers that your brand is one they can trust.

Responsible credit. Itʼs not only the right thing to do for your customers, itʼs the right thing for your business.

Thereʼs more to Limepay

Flexible payments

All major cards and wallets, plus instalments and split payments.

Easy integration

JavaScript or ecommerce plugins get you started in minutes.


Seamless instalments at point of sale with your existing terminal.

Consolidated data

One dashboard for all your sales, customer and payment data.


World-class security and encryption. Certified worldwide.

Clear pricing

No monthly fees or lock-in contracts. Get in touch for customised pricing.

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